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The Experience on Katherine Johnson on Degree Online (Teaching Degree Online)

I found out the article on the experience of Katherine Johnson in further her study by teaching degree online education, hope will increase your confidence for choosing your interest program.
Teaching Degree Online

The department of education issues accreditation to online schools and this means that the on-line school now gives an education as good as any you could get at a college campus.

So with the two being similar what is the allure of on-line school and a campus program. Well as an online student I have found convenience is a big factor in choosing the school for me.

I transferred to online because I no longer had time to attend regular classes. I now worked full time and I had other family obligation which meant the college experience had now come to a screeching halt. However I found that the on-line programs are challenging but could be done on my schedule at my own pace. If I had four hours to work I could get numerous assignment completed and if I only had an hour I could start an assignment and finish it when I got a chance to.

The professors are available more often. Usually online classes have more than one instructor teaching so they can reach many people so there is usually one of them on-line all day.

School work can be mailed, or emailed and testing is usually by proctor so that you cant cheat. I use the lady at the library and they proctor exams at no cost to you.

Tuition online usually includes the cost of shipping, materials and books. It is still lower priced that most universities.

The only thing you don't get at an online school is the camaraderie of your classmates, which is okay with me because that was a distraction, not a bad one but one none the less.

Most people go to college on campus, because they say that being at home is to hard. They lack motivation, chores around the house, or have kids. However at home I am motivated more often and more likely to go to school on a rainy or snowy day because I don't have to drive. I get my chores done when I get bored with my school work, it is good exercise and it gets me pumped up to do more school work, and I take my classes when the kids are at school on their campus...

Teaching Degree Online

Teaching Degree Online


Zamris Habib August 12, 2008 at 10:45 AM

very interesting for online course


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