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Finding a job with an online degree

All the years of being associated with the educational and placement sector and having friends from the human resources it has become easy to understand what exactly the employers are looking for.

These days, finding a job is not very difficult but what is more important is finding a suitable job. After graduating with an online degree it becomes all the more difficult to convince some of the employers, unfortunately, in some job markets, employers are still dubious as to whether the education received online is sufficient or not and hence convincing some employers may take more than a rational explanation. Below are some tips that will help during an interview with an employer who is unsure about online learning programs.

1. When updating a resume, include online colleges with their accreditation status. Include the parent college name if the college is only online, this will help clear doubts and ease some employers concerns when they see the college listed on the resume.

2. On the resume as well as during the interview mention projects that were completed during the program so employers will understand the type of hands-on learning the program provided. If you have attended seminars or conferences do not forget to mention that. Mention internships, marketing reports that were analyzed, and any group projects. This explanation of different projects and what one learned from these experiences will help to convince them.

3. Do not forget to mention other work experiences that are relevant to the job. By mentioning other experiences, employers will see beyond one's educational background. It always helps if you are the initiator, go getter and employers look for these kinds of people.

4. Always mention any program you have volunteered for or have worked for it gives an idea of your over all personality. When discussing skills learned in college, use descriptive verbs like 'awarded', 'achieved', 'certified', and 'created'. These words will help a potential employer forget that a person's degree is from an online college.

5. If possible, try to connect the online college with a traditional college. If the colleges were affiliated, or if the program hired professors specifically from another college to teach a class, it will give the online college more credibility.

6.Remember its important to have confidence, smile and an optimistic attidude all throughout the interview. Maintain your cool and dress smart. All these are equally important as they say a lot about the person you really are!

Many employers do recognize online colleges and understand what they can teach students. Larger companies rely on online colleges to further train their employees, and enhance their skills. It is still best to avoid mentioning that one's degree is from an online college unless the employer brings it up during an interview, however, it is essential to mention the same on the resume.

Once you are hired it does not matter which college you graduated from. What is important is your work. Remember you get further judged on parameters like how well you did your job and how well you served the organization. Dedication, teamwork and result orientation plays an important role! All the best and happy working!




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