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What are the cons of teaching degree online?

Teaching Degree Online

There lots of university that offers online teaching degree to those people who want to further their study at home. In fact, by even more important than getting the degree is getting real experience working with the kinds of kids you want to eventually teach. Substitute, practical training in school, volunteer, work in after school programs, etc.

Most grad programs online in teaching/education will require that you already have a teaching certificate - they are for advancement of teachers and not for creation of new teachers. Those that do provide initial certification will still require a semester of student teaching but you'll have to make the arrangements. It's not always an easy prospect.

If you want to become a public school teacher - find your state web page on teacher certification and then find the information about the alternative route to certification. Every state has a process for people who already have a bachelor’s degree (but not in education) that want to become teachers. In some states, business education is a shortage field and getting a certificate is easy.

Another option is the Master of Arts in Teaching at your local state college. This master's degree is intended for people like yourself that have a BA (not in education) who want to teach. Another BA is probably not the best way to go unless you're wanting to teach elementary school and you will find that area is nothing similar to your BA in Business. In other words, you can teach business with a BA in Business but you haven't learned human development process in order to teach elementary. Consider middle grades or HS business as your subject area.

Once you have the teaching certificate, you can get into a master's in education (MEd) that would likely qualify you, if you wanted to. Consider though - if you get an alternative certificate based on your present BA it may be easier to find employment, master's degree teachers are paid more. It's better than go for online teaching program

Teaching Degree Online



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